10 Benefits of Dealer Websites for Manufacturers: From Increased Accessibility to Cost Savings Potential

  1. Improved Accessibility: Dealer websites provide customers with increased accessibility to information about products and services offered by the manufacturer, as well as a platform for potential customers to make inquiries and ask questions regarding specific products.

  2. Enhanced Customer Engagement: Through their dealer website, manufacturers can provide customers with additional value-added features that enable users to engage more effectively with the brand such as live chat, appointment scheduling tools, customer reviews/ratings, etc., thus fostering greater loyalty and creating more opportunities for sales conversions.

  3. Better Brand Representation: Having a customized dealer website allows manufacturers to make an impression on potential customers by accurately reflecting their brand identity across the web. This can significantly improve one’s chances of being taken seriously in the marketplace and generate positive word-of-mouth marketing from satisfied customers.

  4. Increased Visibility & Search Rankings: With the help of SEO tools included in a typical dealer website program, manufacturers can optimize their websites for better search engine rankings so that they appear at the top of search results when users perform relevant queries online–thus helping them increase both visibility and traffic to their site.

  5. Improved Lead Generation Capabilities: Using a dealer website program gives manufacturers access to powerful lead generation capabilities so that they can capture customer data (contact info, location, interests/preferences) which can then be utilized to create targeted campaigns designed specifically around certain audiences (i.e., local or regional markets).

  6. Streamlined Management & Maintenance: Dealer websites are designed with streamlined administration tools that allow manufacturers’ API to drive specs, features, equipment, promotions, incentives, products, pricing, etc. All of it is pushed down to the dealer fully autonomous. Dealer websites and manufacturers’ websites will all be protected by our SOC I & II auditing processes.

  7. Robust Third-Party Integration Options: Most dealer website programs come packaged with robust integration options that allow third-party applications (inventory management systems, payment processors, etc.) to be seamlessly incorporated into one’s site–thereby providing customers with a convenient “all in one” shopping experience at checkout time. Every time the corporate site updates with an incentive, promotion, spec change, etc. the dealer website receives that information in less than 24-hours.

  8. Real Time Performance Tracking & Analytics: Dealer website programs include detailed analytics tracking capabilities that provide real-time performance insights that manufacturers can use to make informed decisions about sales, promotions, and product placement.

  9. Competitive Edge Over Rivals: With an attractive and well-functioning website created using state-of-the-art techniques through a dealer website program, manufacturers position themselves better against competitors who may not have invested in similar solutions, thereby providing them with an advantage over rivals in terms of customer acquisition & retention activities.

  10. Cost Savings Potential: By investing up front into a quality dealer website program, manufacturers reduce costs associated with brand, pricing, incentives, product, etc., consistency saving time & money that can then be funneled back into growing other aspects of the business