Data Points, Truth Follows.

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Why Choose TracTru

Boost your Website Conversions!

TracTru has been disrupting equipment industries with modern, user-friendly websites. Our sites are built with cutting-edge technology, designed to convert and evolve with e-commerce trends.

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93% of shoppers research online before entering dealership



60% of website traffic is mobile, and most equipment dealer sites do not provide a user friendly, responsive mobile experience to convert leads like the sites from TracTru



87% of small farmers use internet for farming purposes

Conversions Are Key

We provide continuous improvements, based on research and feedback, to keep your site on the cutting-edge. Don’t just drive web traffic– drive leads directly to your team.

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Relationship Experts

Manage your customer relations via form fills, social messages, phone calls and more directly from our CRM. A streamlined process is an efficient one.

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Connected TV

Over 80% of U.S. households own a CTV device and TracTru makes sure your ads are being seen on devices that support OTT ad services, at a fraction of the cost of traditional television advertising.

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Search Engine Marketing

By pairing data-analytic platforms with data-analytic experts, TracTru crafts the ultimate media strategy for your dealership. Better visibility, better results for your dealership.

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Display Advertising

The web is chock-full of digital billboards. TracTru targets your audience with these billboards, through our data-driven display campaigns, increasing calls, form fills and dealership visits.

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Social Butterflies

Whether you’re looking for brand awareness or lead generation, TracTru maximizes your social media presence and builds campaigns personalized for your dealership.

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Mobile Moguls

We design with a mobile-first mentality, as the majority of shoppers are on mobile devices. From search to sale, all in the palm of your customer’s hand.

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Here For You

TracTru’s support team boasts an average ticket-resolution time under the one-hour mark, and 90% of TracTru’s dealer-submitted issues are solved in less than 24 hours. Fast and friendly.

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