About Us

Our team is filled with ag-vocates and digital builders, each passionate and well-versed in the industries we work with. It’s about honoring generations of growers, builders and leaders. It’s about being Here for You.

Here for You

TracTru Here for You. It doesn’t just rhyme; it’s a lifestyle.

TracTru is a team of innovators, educators, developers, strategists and designers who are working to disrupt the equipment industry. We provide websites and full-scale marketing services with B2C and B2B solutions to help your dealership stand out against your competition. Our services include, but certainly aren’t limited to, web design, website management, digital marketing and advertising services for agricultural and construction dealers across the world. Each piece of equipment sold plays a role in the world we’re building together. Your vision is our vision. Your goals are our goals.
In all we do, we’re Here for You.

Here for Each Other

Teamwork makes the dream work. You’ve heard the age-old saying a hundred times, but people continue saying it because it’s true. TracTru provides a collaborative, exciting and encouraging environment that drives teamwork forward. It’s about culture. It’s about communication. It’s about camaraderie. So we keep the dream alive. 
It’s about being Here for Each Other.

Here for Yourself

TracTru is committed to helping employees act courageously in their position and find their voice within the company. Whether it be flexible hours, working from home or the ability to call our President or Vice President at any time or any hour, we equip each and every employee with the confidence and the resources to be the best version of themselves. Improvement in the services we provide our clients. Improvement in the communication and relationships formed with our coworkers. Improvement in the research we’re conducting and grasp of trends and best practices. The TracTru Crew has each others’ backs. No ifs, ands or buts about it.
In order to be Here for Each Other and Here for You, you have to first be Here for Yourself.