Used Equipment Sales

Dynamic Advertising

Reach compact, ag, and construction customers with ads of your actual used equipment with their image and price using dynamic advertising from TracTru.

Real-time data means greater ROI.

TracTru’s dynamic advertising program works exactly like it sounds. We take your used equipment listings from your site and dynamically insert them as carousel ads that we strategically display as Facebook, Video, and Banner Ads.

Send leads straight to your site.

These dynamic listing ads show the image and price of the piece of equipment and if the ad is clicked, that lead is sent straight to the listing page on your site, eliminating the 3rd party listing site as the middleman. This also eliminates your equipment being shown alongside your competitors.

The good news keeps a’comin.

Hyper-relevant ads. No minimum spends.

Need even more benefits before you’re convinced? We can separate your dynamic ad campaigns into different feeds – everything from compact to combine. Each feed has a small cost attached, but you determine the ad spend, no minimums.

Results. Results. Results

10 – 30% Sales Close Rate with this effort, alone
$6 CPA
$0.06 Landing Page View Cost

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