Websites Should Be a No-Brainer

Your website should be working for you, but it shouldn’t demand constant upkeep. Our websites include automated updates and an ever-growing list of features, so you can focus on your business while your website stays fresh with updated equipment showrooms and in-stock inventory. You’ll have full access to your site to make changes or add content, and our feature set is built with smartphone-level intuitiveness that makes changes simple while offering additional features for dealerships that require more functionality with no extra cost. Automated updates mean that your marketing efforts are always leading your customers to up-to-date information.

Start a new digital presence with TracTru!

Your potential customers looking to buy and rent equipment are searching for your products right now, and in fact, they're searching from all over the country. Interested buyers will seek out the perfect piece of equipment, no matter the distance but if you don't have a digital presence with your inventory available for them to see, they'll never find you. Increase your dealership’s visibility with TracTru!

Easy To Use

Your website is designed to be as easy-to-use as possible for you and your customers. You’ll manage your website like a professional and our in-house content production team offers full-service SEO and social media packages to help you grow your business.

Core Search

Thanks to the biggest online retailers, search is the heart of websites. CORE Search gives users suggested items as soon as they enter a few keystrokes into the search bar and sends them to an intuitive search page that allows them to filter and view the results.  

We're Here For You

If you need help with your site, our support teams are always ready to assist you. We think unlimited support should be included with your site and not an additional cost to you. That’s why we strive to resolve issues and questions within 24 hours.

Continuous Improvement

We use a mix of analytics, observations from our support team and dealer feedback to continually improve and evolve our platforms to be the ultimate online presence for dealers with tools that cater to each dealership’s needs.

The TracTru Difference

At TracTru, we create custom website platforms for companies that need dealership-level solutions. Our websites are built to evolve to meet your needs and your customer's needs. We do this through research and feedback-driven continuous improvements to keep your site on the cutting-edge of technology. We build websites that don't only drive traffic, but real leads, so your website works as a 24/7 sales tool and not just a passive online presence.