This white paper examines the integration of generative AI into Google’s search algorithms and its significant impact on the agriculture industry. As digital marketing evolves, these technological advancements offer challenges and opportunities for agribusinesses. We provide strategic insights to help these businesses adapt and excel in the AI-driven digital era. The beta version of Google’s AI-enabled algorithm offers a glimpse into these new possibilities, accessible via Labs.Google.

The Era of Generative AI in Search:

Generative AI is reshaping the future of digital marketing in agriculture. From crop producers to equipment manufacturers, every facet of the agriculture sector benefits from these advancements. The closed beta of Google’s AI implementation in search engines, initially tested by select marketers and partners, promises to revolutionize how agricultural products and services are marketed online.

Agriculture Sector Implications:

For the agriculture sector, adapting to AI-driven search methodologies is crucial. Whether promoting sustainable farming practices or precision agriculture tools, content (website, blogs, social videos, etc.) must now emphasize industry expertise and practical value. Agribusinesses must ensure their digital content is authoritative and informative to remain visible in AI-enhanced search results. 

Google Merchant Center is heavily integrated with Generative AI Search. Google will lean into producing results that integrate with Google Merchant Center, showcasing products and pricing within search results. For example, most equipment dealerships do not offer e-commerce services on their website, which cannot be fed to Google Merchant Center. There will be a significant advantage in search results to dealerships and manufacturers who offer front-facing e-commerce solutions on their websites. 

Google’s Revised Personalized Ads Policy:

With changes in Google’s personalized ads policy, especially in sensitive categories like agriculture, agribusinesses must adapt their marketing strategies. Targeting based on demographics will be limited, prompting a shift towards more content-focused and expertise-driven marketing approaches.

Strategic Adaptation for Agribusinesses:

Agribusinesses will benefit from aligning themselves with partners who have access to digital platform expertise coupled with storytelling capabilities in order to stay ahead. Tools like Doppio®, an exclusive data analytics platform, can help agribusinesses target their messaging more effectively. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) will also need to evolve, focusing more on subject-matter expertise than on traditional keyword strategies.

The Evolution of Mobile Search in Agriculture:

Mobile searches are increasingly dominant in the agriculture sector. From farmers seeking information on crop varieties to businesses researching agricultural equipment, mobile content optimization is key. Strategies should cater to this trend, ensuring all digital content is accessible and engaging on mobile platforms. We are seeing increases in engagement from short-form vertical content focusing on the brand’s personality and staff. 

Best Practices and Recommendations:

Agribusinesses should develop content that aligns with AI-driven search trends, focusing on answering specific, conversational queries related to agriculture. Embrace digital transformation and continuously monitoring AI advancements will ensure that agribusinesses remain competitive and compliant.


Integrating generative AI in search engines poses unique challenges and opportunities for the agriculture industry. Agribusinesses must focus on creating AI-compatible, authoritative content that is also mobile-friendly. By doing so, they can enhance their digital presence and position themselves as leaders in the digital transformation of agriculture.


As a Google Premier Partner, TracTru is poised to assist agribusinesses in navigating these changes and optimizing their digital strategies for the future. Agribusiness marketers can explore the impact of Google’s Generative AI on their operations by participating in the beta program at Labs.Google.

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