What happens after you enroll for a Kubota Digital dealer website?  We’d like to share the process with you to make building and launching your new site a breeze. Here are the steps in the journey.


After dealers enroll, they’re sent a Discovery Form to complete that includes several questions about their dealership and current website.  Once that’s complete, our staff springs into action and starts compiling all of that information along with our questions for the dealer to ask during the Kickoff Call.


We schedule the Kickoff Call with a dealer and any staff involved with the new site to ask several questions about the look and feel of the new site as well as any questions we may have had about the Discovery Form. Once the Kickoff Call is complete, we share the notes with the dealer and then we work our magic on their new site.


After we’ve built out the site, we share a preview with dealers so they can make any revisions they want to the site.  This is a great time for dealers to let us know any big changes to how the site is going to look and anything else they want on their site when it launches. We’ll also update the dealer on any outstanding items we’ll need to launch the site when they’re ready and the countdown begins!


When all of the revisions have been made and we’ve got everything we need from the dealer, it’s time to launch the site!  But our role doesn’t end once the site has been delivered- we provide all the support a dealer might need for their new site. We even have our own site to let dealers know how to take care of the new site- http://kubotadigital.helpdocs.com.