Your customers want to see equipment that’s relevant and useful to them and it’s hard to appeal to everyone with generic information. Create a personalized experience for your customers using SPARK.

SPARK allows you to show targeted content to your customers based on their search history, location, referral links such as traffic from a digital media campaign, and more. With SPARK Digital Experience Cloud, you can add another level of personalization based on how customers are using your site by combining actions such as pages visited, downloading spec sheets, forms submissions, videos watched, and more to serve them a personalized set of information.

CURRENT Email Marketing is directly integrated into the backend of your site!

CURRENT allows you to easily import subscribers, create a template or use the custom Kubota template, and engage with your customers with personalizable email campaigns to keep them up to date on your latest news, specials, inventory, and more.

A new feature called CORE Search is now being offered on all TracTru websites.

CORE Search gives the user suggested items as soon as they enter a few keystrokes into the search bar. The search page has also been upgraded to give the user the ability to refine their searches to more directly find what it is they’re searching for!